2020 Mothers Day


For Mother’s Day I’m sharing a few of my favorite photos of moms from over the years. I have been so lucky to be invited into so many intimate moments with moms and their kids. From maternity shoot through helping their daughters button up their wedding dress, it is such an honor to have witnessed so much joy with so many different people. My mom has influenced my life more than almost anyone else, and I cannot imagine my life without her love, prayers, and example of kindness. Happy Mother’s Day! Remember to call your mom! 

I wanted to take a minute to recognize those of you out there that are struggling on a day like today. I know there are people who have lost a mother, or a child, battling infertility, waiting on adoptions that have been at a stand still, or have wounds with your mother figure. I’m thinking of you today on a day that recognizes something that holds so many mixed emotions for you. You are loved, valuable, and your feelings are important today. I’m praying for you.