Andrew + Leah


I had never met Andrew or Leah before their wedding day. That isn’t a normal thing. Up until this time most of my weddings had been local, which made it possible for me to meet up with my couples. I flew in from Portland for this wedding, and the days leading up to their wedding were a bit stressful. I had a terrible flight back to Indiana, and had mini shoots lined up each day I was in town. The weather was TERRIBLE and I spent a good junk of time trying to figure out how to adjust my shoots around the rain since I couldn’t reschedule. Walking into Leah and Andrew’s wedding was like a breath of fresh air after the few exhausting days I had.

Being around Leah, Andrew, and their family, was a joy. Sometimes it is hard to put into words the way that people make you feel. Leah and Andrew both work at the church where her father is a pastor. I mentioned to them at the reception that I wish they lived in Portland so that I could attend their church.  Leah and Andrew were so full of joy. Creativity flows from Leah’s mom and she made so many unique pieces in the wedding including Leah’s amazing headpiece. Leah’s dad had some seriously amazing dance moves. They all loved Jesus and it was clear in the few hours I spent with them that it translated into a life full of joy. They were all people that I wish I could surround myself with on a regular basis.

Remember that bad weather I mentioned? It was supposed to rain the whole day. And it did, sort of. There was a constant light mist  the whole day. Even though you could barely feel the mist, it was there, and I am so thankful that Leah and Andrew decided to brave it. I love the soft foggy light that we were able to shoot in. I also brought my umbrellas all the way from Portland, so I’m glad they came in handy. 🙂 

Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I feel so blessed to have been able to get to know you for the very short time we had together. I hope you all move out to Portland and plant a church so I can hang out with you more.