Mark + Cindy


Mark and Cindy had a beautiful wedding in Portland and I was so thankful to be a part of it. I love being a part of weddings and experiencing things that are new to me, and their wedding was full of that for me. One of the super unique things about their wedding was that Cindy had 4 different dresses that she wore throughout the day. I loved seeing all the different styles she chose, and kept imagining what I would have picked if I had to pick more than 1 dress for my day. 

The other part of their wedding that stood out to me was the focus on guests and family. Each guest took a photo with Mark and Cindy as they came into the reception, and much time was spent going around and hanging out with each table. I LOVE THIS! The fun continued with some of the most fun dancing I’ve seen at any wedding. Everyone was having a blast and it was such a joy to be there with them! 

Thank you Mark and Cindy for letting me be a part of this incredible celebration!