Norm + Katie


I met Katie when we both worked at a restaurant together. My niece lovingly calls her Crazy Katie with good reason. She has more life and spunk in her than most people could drum up in their imagination. But she is way more than that. She started and runs a super successful creative business making custom clocks. Seriously check them out here. I’m amazed at her creativity and level of commitment to her work. She loves her family in a way that I only hope others could experience. Her sister said in her toast that she often wonders why she needs to have friends because all she needs is her sisters. The love runs deep and Katie extents that same love to her friends. I feel so lucky to be her friend. Not only is she so much fun, she is incredibly generous. She came up with an amazing custom modern clock design for my tiny house and dropped half of a day to help me work on some house projects when I called needing help. She is also an amazing mother to her amazingly well behaved and sweet daughter. I don’t know how she balances all the things she does, but she does it well and all the while looking beautiful. 

One of the things I love most about marriage is when I see two people that are so perfectly fit for each other, and really compliment the other’s personality. I love that I knew Katie before she was with Norm. I have gotten to watch her become the woman that she is today, the mother that she is to Kendra through her relationship with Norm. I love who he is for her and how he has been a part of the process that brought her to know Jesus Christ. Their lives together and commitment to Christ has really challenged me and encouraged me so much this past year. 

Their wedding was a really fun day of celebration. You could see their creativity in their amazing designs all over the place. One of my personal favorites was the geometric backdrop. I am GOING to find a way to build something like this and use it in an outdoor space one day. I HAVE TO! It was so beautiful. I really loved the unique candle holders that Katie designed. I saw her share how to created the look on her Instagram Story and I couldn’t believe how well they turned out. They looked so cool and I have not seen anything like that before. Also she had peonies, so she just wins all around. 

Oh Katie and Norm! I am beyond happy for you both. I cannot express to you the level of joy I feel when I think about how you get to spend your lives together. Don’t stop being crazy Katie. And Norm, I hope you always encourage that beautiful, calm side of her that has been so fun to get to know these last few years you have been together.