Josiah + Samantha


Oh my goodness!  Josiah and Samantha were so sweet! Many times durning their day I would just say “Awww!” to my self just because I couldn’t believe how sweet their love was. 

It all started with their first look. Josiah literally couldn’t handle how beautiful Samantha looked. His emotion was so genuine and deep and sincere! During the first look I always like to walk away and give a few minutes for the couple to talk on their own after I grab the initial shots. As I watched them from afar I couldn’t help but throw on my zoom and grab a few shots of him not being able to get enough of her. He just kept stepping away and looking over the dress and then pulling her in to hug her. IT WAS SO SWEET! 

The reception was so much fun. Samantha’s dad had made a cutting board for each table and hand carved a beautiful cake topper for their cake.  I love when I see personal details like this at weddings. It is clear that so much time and care went into making this day memorable.  Josiah and Samantha were also wonderful dancers. They can do the perfect dip! Doing a dip is actually really hard to do. It is even harder to do and not look awkward in a photo. But these two knew how to do it! I loved watching their first dance and how perfect each dip was. I need to take some lessons for sure!

At every wedding I’m at I look for the best dancer. I am a terrible dancer, but I dream of one day busting out the perfect moves at a wedding reception to the amazement and awe of everyone around me. I’d hand off my camera and my moves would increase my cool factor very quickly. But since that is only a dream, I instead just look out for the best dancer at each wedding and try and learn a few moves. I had lots of people to choose from at this one. Samantha and Josiah would be the perfect teachers for how to do a dip. The ring bearers were killing it on the dance floor. They were doing the worm and the tango, and jumping on people’s backs to dance the night away. Then Samantha’s brother was incredible. I found out he had taken dance classes for years and HOLY COW he could move. I know that you all know the part in the Cha-Cha Slide where Mr. C sings, “How low can you go?” Most people just bend down a little bit in their party outfits and call it a day. Not Joshua! Just check out the photo evidence-I didn’t even know it was possible to be so flexible.


Samantha and Josiah- Thank you for letting me be a part of the special celebration you created. I am probably going to be showing up on your doorstep one day in Honduras for a private tour of all the cool places you guys talk about all the time! Keep perfecting those dance moves so you can teach me a thing or two while I’m there! 🙂