Mr + Mrs Lewis


I love when people choose to celebrate their wedding in a unique way. This day is one of the most important days of your lives. It marks a moment you commit to someone FOREVER. It is a day you should look back on with joy and excitement. So I firmly believe that your day should represent you, and the things that make you the happiest. If you don’t like suits, don’t wear a suit. If you don’t want a bridal party, don’t have one. If you love tradition, then stick with it. If you want to walk barefoot over burning coals to symbolize the level of commitment you give to your spouse then DO IT. I’ll even be there to capture you dress catching on fire. Whatever you do, just do you. That is why I’m so happy I was able to be a part of Alli and Cary’s wedding.

Remember that amazing engagement session I did a few months back in that amazing home? They recently built on a very modern and stylish barn to their property. How you can build a huge and modern barn is beyond me, but they did it! When Alli asked me if I was free to come photograph their small intimate wedding in their new barn I was all for it. They had never had a housewarming party and they realized June 27th was their 9th anniversary. It was the perfect day to choose to get married and share their home with the people they loved most! 

They invited their closest friends for a dinner. Everyone ate and socialized before Alli snuck away to get her dress on. Their quick ceremony was followed by desserts, toasts and more time with friends. It was perfect. 

I hope that my job allows me to capture many more unique and personalized days for such amazing people.