Austin + Jillian


I met Jillian for coffee to discuss photos and quickly realized she was awesome. We clicked right away, and I have loved that engagement photos and timeline planning meant that we have been able to chat, get lunch, and hang out a bit more. She is such a kind and fun person to be around. 

Jillian talked to me about how many amazing details they were planning to have at the wedding. I got really excited and could not wait to see it all. I also heard a lot about the details from the florist, Leah. I met Leah through an amazing wedding vendor group I am a part of. Not only was Leah a bridesmaid, but she was also putting together the LARGEST floral arrangements she had ever done. I was getting so excited to see it all come together.  I offered to come a little early the day of and help Leah put some finishing touches on things. 

Let me just say that I am SO thankful that I showed up super early. If not I would have had a panic attack over all the details I had to shoot. They told me! They really did warn me! I should have known, but I didn’t grasp the magnitude by any means! The ceremony room, the reception hall, cocktail hour room, entrance hallways, outside (on each side of the building) were all covered with details. I have never in my life seen a wedding with more attention put into each space. It was breathtaking. 

I’m not sure how much of a help I was to Leah. I handed her flowers while she put together the huge floral arrangement on the arbor, and planned out how I was going to attack and conquer shooting all of those details. Be prepared. . . the details are endless on here.

And with all those details to be planned and finalized I was so amazed how calm and relaxed it was was. She and Austin were such a joy to be around all day. After the ceremony I asked her, “What were you guys laughing at, I couldn’t tell.” She said, “Which time?” I love it! That is what it should be like folks! Laughing through your day together!  I hope you find all those little moments to bring you joy like at your ceremony. 

Austin and Jillian: Thank you for sharing your day with me. It was such a joy! 

Jillian: I better keep seeing you around. Even if we have to do some fake wedding plans to justify meeting up, I’m all for it!