Craig + Lauren Engagement


I met Craig and Lauren in Fort Wayne at Craig’s family home for the start of engagement photos! OH MY GOSH! It was so beautiful! Not only was the house so amazing, but the property was to die for! I love when there are personal spaces that we can use to shoot intimate moments together! 

On my way to meet them, I passed this really cool field. Anyone that knows me know that I am all about knocking on random doors if it means a cool new locations for a shoot. So I decided to pull into the house next door to the field and ask if I could use it. And there was a sweet old man that was working in his yard who let us use his whole property for the second half of the shoot. I have always found that if you give people the chance to help you out, they normally want to! 

I’m so excited about Craig and Lauren’s wedding this fall. I know it is going to be so incredibly beautiful and special to be apart of! And I kept catching them dancing in between location changes and poses. This is a good sign that the party is going to be awesome at their reception! I just need to work on my dance skills to keep up!