Matt + Tana


Matt and Tana had all their loved ones join them on the sea side at Mexico Beach, Florida. I really can’t imagine their wedding in any other place than at the beach. Matt with his shoes off, Oakley’s on, and surrounded by their loved ones. All their friends stayed in one big house where they celebrated all weekend. I popped over to see everyone on Friday night and everyone was in the pool having a blast. Since I love Matt and Tana and knew half their wedding party, I joined them for dinner at a little seafood joint. Their house was about a mile from this little hole in the wall place called Killer Seafood. I’m gonna be honest, when we pulled in I was a little disappointed. I love food and trying local places but you run the risk of choosing a pretty terrible place sometimes. And Killer Seafood didn’t look like much. Dollar bills all over their walls, order and pay ahead of getting your food, shared parking lot with the gas station. I am SO glad that my first impressions were wrong. Their Tuna Tacos were by far the best tacos I’ve ever eaten in my life. I may vacation at Mexico Beach again just so that I can eat those tacos every day!

And then their day arrived. A cool breeze and the soft colors of their dresses mixed with the overcast day made it so dreamy and lovely. Then the crying started. I mean lots of tears. Tears of pure happiness and joy because their day was not just about the two of them. but also about Tana’s daughter. I’ve known Tana for a long time and it was such a joy to watch how God brought Matt into her life and the role he began to play in her Madison’s life. He took a few moments during the ceremony to say vows to Madison and give her special gifts. Let me just say, I’m surprised I got any photos in focus with the amount of tears I had in my eyes! Because everyone there saw how blessed they each felt to have each other. And we all had witnessed God’s hand in how it all had happened. It was such an intimate day and I felt so fortunate to be a part of it. 

I got engaged at a beach in October many years ago. This was one more pleasant memory to add to my love of the beach in the fall!