Tyler + Rachel


I met Rachel years ago when we waited tables together at The Boathouse. I have this sweet memory of Rachel that I’ve always remembered. We always did a secret santa at our staff Christmas party. Rachel’s secret santa was an older gentleman that has been a busboy at the restaurant for a really long time. He was super sweet but didn’t exactly buy a present that was very stylish. Rachel was so sweet and thankful and kind. I will never forget her response of genuine appreciation and thankfulness even though it was probably something she would never have used. I can tell you by the amount of kind words and encouragement she has expressed to me….she has not changed! She is such an awesome person!

I’m so thankful that I was able to reconnect with her and meet Tyler through photography. It was such a fun time catching up and hearing about their plans for the wedding day while I was shooting their engagement photos. And it was so amazing to come to the wedding day and see how she had pulled all the details together. You will see through the photos how intentional she was with everything! I loved it! 

Rachel and Tyler both have the most amazing smiles. And they are even better when they are looking at each other. I know that sounds super cliche, but it is so true. Look at some of these photos and you can see how truly in love and happy they are! I LOVE when I see this in a couple! 

Rachel’s bouquet was to die for! I’ve always regretted my choice of flowers at my wedding and if I had to do it over again it would defiantly have peonies! I might actually have just stollen her whole bouquet! 

They also chose one of my favorite venues in the area! Bread and Chocolate at the Old Bag Factory in Goshen, IN. It is so beautiful. They have so many neat locations for shooting on the outside and around their property. They are also about 3 minutes from downtown Goshen which makes it quick and easy if you want to pop over to different awesome locations. BUT!!! The best part about Bread and Chocolate is their indoor space. It rained the whole day and it didn’t even matter. There were so many beautiful places to shoot indoors that we didn’t even need to go outside. But that didn’t stop Rachel and Tyler from heading out with the umbrella for some rainy day shots before their ceremony! Thankful for a brave bride! 


Rachel and Tyler- Thank you for trusting me to be a part of your special day! I hope our lives continue to cross because you are both wonderful people!